Goro VS Machamp (Mortal Kombat VS Pokémon) | DEATH BATTLE

Goro VS Machamp (Mortal Kombat VS Pokémon) | DEATH BATTLE

Welcome back fellow gamers! It’s time for another one on one death battle!. This week’s competitors both compete in Fierce competitions but definitely have different backgrounds. We have Machamp from Pokemon Goro from Mortal Kombat. Both competitors are the top of their class in their arenas. Each are battle-tested and spent their entire lies training for combat. But only one says your name over and over again as a form of trash talk during the match. One can only envision that hearing that name said over and over again while you’re trying to talk trash and devise your own tactic would drive you insane mid-battle. This week’s fight is brought To Us by our friends over at death battle. Now let’s see these two four armed combatants duke it out in a death battle. Enjoy the video as it will explain each one’s strengths and weaknesses and you decide who you think should win this match. Do you need more death battle? Check out this link to see other death battles here at maxatplay.

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