Stocking the Shelves in Moonlighter #LFTE

There’s competition in town


Welcome back fellow gamers! Moonlighter, which is available on Xbox Gamepass, is becoming quite exciting forTeam Max@Play. In the last playthrough,  the Golem King was defeated and he dropped a bunch of rare items which honestly scared the team since there was a lack of certainty if these were items that could be sold or needed to be stored for some extravagant item creation. 

Pro Tip: If you’re concerned about selling items you need, go to the store of your choice and add that item to your wishlist. By doing so, there will be a star added to every item in your inventory needed to create your next special item.


Once the Golem King was defeated and the Forest dungeon was unlocked we found ourselves unprepared for what lied ahead. The new dungeon has a significant difficulty boost but the value of the loot you obtain matches the risk. On top of that, Le Retailer was invited to the town for some healthy competition so the pressure to get those difficult items is on.

The latest video highlights tactics used to financially boost the Moonlighter and pricing adjustments to deal with Le Retailer. It also shows what happens when you enter the Golem King’s Throne Room after his defeat, epic fail for Team Max@Play. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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