Psychic Force on PlayStation #ThrowbackThursday

Is Throwback Thursday fellow gamers! And we are going back in time to look at a classic fighting game call Psychic Force released on the original PlayStation. This 3D fighter was released in North America in 1996 through a claim. It was greeted with less hype than it deserves at the time but still had a cult following. The overall story was about individuals born with special powers being shunned by the community because their of their unnatural abilities. You have your pro psychic faction, NOA, led by psychic named Keith who seeks to build a perfect world for psychics at any cost. Then you have the opposing faction led by burn who was once a friend of Keith but wants to stop his semi evil plan. In hindsight, the storyline seems similar to the storyline of the X-Men. Which might contribute to is less-than-stellar success in the United States.The Game featured eight playable characters at the start with the the final boss being playable if you use a code to access him, back when cheat codes was a serious thing. As Team Max@Play reminisces, the game was fun to play and had an awesome intro oh, and a great animated series that was associated with it. We included some gameplay footage for you to enjoy and a link to the intro.

What games do you remember spending hours playing that no one else seem to like? Let us know in the comments section below.

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